How to find key Twitterers and Periscopers

We know how useful it is for Media Organisations, and Media Freelancers, to be able to see, and follow, the best tweets and live video streams about breaking news or a hot topic, as well as see the photos and video being posted about key #hashtags.

The problem is always how to identify the right Twitterers or Periscopers to follow when news breaks.

At Sappest we aim to help you get in touch by:

  • highlighting the most useful tweets and live video streams on the Sappest Twitter Deck
  • showing you where key Twitterers and Periscopers are on the Sappest map
  • allowing you to contact key Twitterers and Periscopers directly for an interview or a phono, or permission to use their photos or video

To see Twitterers and/or Periscopers on the map just search the town you require, zoom in to approximately 30 mile/50 km radius and all Sappest-registered Twitter /Periscope users will be visible by their Twitter or Periscope icon. If you click on the icon you will see their Twitter name and be able to contact them directly. But you do have to Sign In, or Sign Up to do so.

How to register as a Sappest Twitterer or Periscoper

Would you like what you tweet, and the photos and video you post, to be showcased to the worldwide media? Would you like members of the media to know when you are on the scene of a breaking news story?

If so, you can become a Sappest Twitterer. It's FREE! Sign up today